The Salvation Army Has Racial Issues This Holiday Season

Her name is Casses Craig and she is a resident living in Crystal Springs, Ms. She has four children and lives in Crystal Springs, low rate income housing project Cumberland Apartments. Casses signed her children up for the Angel Tree Program hosted by the Salvation Army, located in Jackson, Ms along with numerous other organizations. It was my understanding that the Angel Tree program was brought to life to help provide less fortunate children with toy's for Christmas. However, that wasn't the case this year in Mississippi.

Numerous residents within the town of Crystal Springs, Ms was shocked when they were given there date and time to stand in long lines and in freezing temperatures outside of the Salvation Army for help. I was shocked to here from Casses that they had to go and here a sermon from a preacher before receiving there kids Angel Tree gifts. Some of the things that were preached to them was about their ability to not be able to provide for their kids and the men that they call their man, boyfriend, and some husbands. It was reported that the whites were clearly treated better than the blacks.

In a story covered by channel 16 News, the founder was quoted in the headlines saying the "Salvation Army Goes Beyond it's Expectations". Mississippi had some 8000 kids that needed to be adopted and many weren't. Mothers such as Casses received a mere one gift from the Angel Tree Program and that's going beyond their expectations.

I know the economy is in a tough situation, but why was it that everyone that came back from getting their Angel Tree gifts in Crystal Springs, Ms only came back to tell the story of all the whites that got bikes and big toys for their kids. While the blacks only got one toy for four children. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, seems to me that the Salvation Army needs to rethink the Angel Tree Program, next year.

I seriously doubt it thought, because more and more people are going to be in need and they won't receive, just as they did this year. Blacks in Mississippi need to wake-up and pay attention to what is happening right in front of them. Racial inside trading is what I like to call it, but you decide what you want to call it.


Possible Insurance Coverage Option For HIV/AIDS Patients

I have been researching options for prescription assistance for those individuals who have higher incomes and are uninsured (or those who will be taken off ADAP due to the reduction of the income limit). It appears the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan(PCIP) is an option that we may be able to provide to some of our higher income uninsured clients. More health insurance options are supposed to become available to individuals beginning in 2014, however this PCIP is supposed to be a current option available in the interim. See more information at  https://www.pcip.gov/Default.html
It appears that in Florida the max someone would have to pay per month for this pre-existing condition insurance plan is $842/mo. (the cost depends on the person's age and the particular coverage plan they choose) https://www.pcip.gov/StatePlans.html
Each plan covers preventative care at 100% and office visits with a $25 copay. They do have deductables that have to be met and some out of pocket coinsurance and copays, but so do most commercial insurance plans. These plans also have no lifetime maximum (something that is a concern for those with HIV/AIDS due to this high cost of medical care). One of the most positive things is that all plans have prescription drug coverage. The cost of the medications depends on the plan chosen, however it appears that the max that would have to be paid for a specialty med (i.e. all antiretrovirals) would be $300 a month (or less depending on the chosen plan). This is understandably still a lot of money but it is definitely better than the alternative of paying full cost for meds.  https://www.pcip.gov/PCIP_%20pamphlet_benefits_summary.pdf
Eligibility is that the person must be a US citizen or be residing in the US legally, have been uninsured for at least 6 months, and have a pre-existing condition or have been denied coverage because of your health condition. The application itself seems relatively easy.
This would primarily benefit those individuals who make more money but simply cannot get insurance due to their pre-existing condition (**this is definitely not a viable option for individuals with low income). As of February 1, 2011 the income limit for ADAP is being reduced to 300%. This type of income will also make these individuals ineligible for PAP programs as well as Welvista. I worry that we do not have many solutions for these individuals and others who make too much money for Ryan White programs but not enough to pay for their medical care/prescriptions out of pocket. Perhaps we can provide these indivdiuals with information on this PCIP as a possible option for them.
Jennifer Findley, MSW, LCSW Intern
Social Services / HIV Care Center
Center for Prevention and Treatment of Infections
5153 N. 9th Ave Ste 305

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