How to survive HIV/AIDS in Mississippi

As a black man growing up in the south and being Gay is a life of hell in itself. What would you think it would be like to be a Black Gay man living with HIV. I wasn't like the rest of them how did this happen to me! That is what I thought when I first heard those words. Little did I know that just because they say your the only one just isn't true. See now that I have read the inclusive information that the Mississippi Department of Health and Center For Disease control has giving the world about MSM in the Jackson, MS area is just how I got this dam dreadful disease. Misinformation, the wrong information, and oh! No information. Where is the prevention measures in the state of Mississippi, in the health department's no, in the school system no, where you ask? I guess it's in those secret clinics that there using as a place to get their own curious minds filled with bullshit and pass lies on to the world.

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When Frank Milton shut those retched breading grounds down in Jackson, I was so relieved. With the exception of a few their are still breading grounds, but just not as many. Friends we must wake up and protect ourselves because right now the Mississippi Department Of Health isn't. Their are systems to block people from care, yes I said block you from care! They give you the run around when seeking help. They send you to the clinics so that they can track you and find out if your taking your meds and what your place of residence is. When it comes to help they really lack in that department. It's almost like they think if they give you any care other than that this really needed they aren't going to have enough for them to put in their pockets. Hopwa is nothing more than a free for all in the state of Mississippi, because these state agencies that are surposed to be giving you help thru that program is not giving people that need it information about the programs and when they do apply they make them get this, get that, this, that , and then some more shit.

Who ever heard of someone renting having the actual owners warranty deed. Who ever heard of them making you write a letter asto why your not fucking working. GIVE ME A FUCKING JOB, Simple as that, let me save some lives because they sure as hell ain't. I have been on medication for HIV/AIDS for about two years and my body is still not adjusted to Atripla. I have severe Diarrhea everyday, my weight roller coasters up, down, up, down constantly have to go to the bathroom when after taken the medication. They tell you about support groups and places that you can stay at, when your already living in a house. HOPWA is that not what it's for to help HIV/AIDS patients when their faced with being homeless or is already homeless.

Let's talk about the prevention measures that they have in place to stop new cases after I was informed from one of the Co-Chairs for the "Mississippi Community Planning Group(MSCPG) for (HIV) prevention, that their are some 8000 people that are HIV positive and not in care in Mississippi and she later wanted to renigg on that statement because of her voice was scratchy. The material that they have in this state for prevention is something that I being HIV+ wouldn't want to read. That broshure is nothing more than a recap of what they printed 20 years ago. To prevent something you can't see you must reinvent your approach. This is sad that so many people are walking around having unprotected sex, when a little town such as this one is filled with HIV patients that are not telling their status and the Mississippi Department of Health is not doing anything about it. Oh yes they are, their trying to keep people like me that is sick and need help away from they Cake...........Read the report that is o not true. They only gave the participants a $25.00 gift certificate for their participation.

HIV Disease in Young African American Men Who Have Sex with Men ...
This investigation found that HIV-infected young black MSM were more likely to engage in certain risk behavior that would lead to new infections among uninfected men.


We all know that's a lot for someone that is Hungry and need food or need to get them some crack or a dime bag of weed. Shit, I am willing to bet you that half if not all were one or all of the above.

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  1. I am very sorry that things are as they are, although it comes as no surprise.


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