Cleaning Up The Earths Enviroment

Today, was the day I realized that we are living in a world of idiots. The world is focused on the environment and not what is truly at stake here...our lives. Have we forgotten that their are children in the U.S.A between the ages of 13-25 that are becoming infected with a disease that will rob you of everything that you have. Many ask, what does it matter: well if your one of the people that have to live with HIV/AIDS everyday you would understand the purpose of this letter to you. Our new Government has screamed (CHANGE) all Thur his campaign to the United States of America's People.

Where is the so called change. In the state of Mississippi their are people living like dogs on the Sahara, because the state is so focused on providing Social Services to Crackheads and not people that are Sick and need help. This state has 13 clinics to help with a growing number of newly diagnosed cases of HIV/AIDS. One of those clinics is Specially Trained To Handle the load of cases statewide. I am sure that many of you wonder why should I care about Mississippi. Mississippi has nothing to offer, but why will you not support a cause worth fighting for.

This state has rules that many states are throwing in the fire and burning because the shit just doesn't work. Abstinence in a state where all their is to do for the younger generation.... is to have unprotected sex and get high off newly brought in drugs.

In every little town their is a square that you can go in and get your recreational drugs, but not to mention that a Crackhead receiving (Social Security Benefits) to support his habit is walking the streets 24/7. What is wrong with this picture? Mississippi has prevention measures in place to combat HIV/AIDS in CLUBS, Bathhouses, Nudity Shops, and 10% of the Health Department Clinics.

You can travel all over this state and I am willing to bet you will not see a HIV/AIDS prevention message no where. The Mississippi Department Of Health, has instructed me to get a model together and build a organization built on helping fight this growing battle in rural Mississippi. Models are something that you can copy and paste. We need to overlook the red tape and get to the bottom line, PEOPLE THAT ARE LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS ARE THE MODEL!

Today the Department of Health hosted a free HIV screening (Free HIV Testing and Education in Jackson ). I was invited to attend the center stage event, but I am here writing to the world advocating for the many of people that are in fear of getting that test and what happens if i have it. Those are the people they need to be focused on reaching,

Without us their are no MODELS and SOON NO NOTHING. Every 9 1/2 minutes someone becomes infected with the HIV virus. Put money where it is needed and that's too help those in need and give someone with little hope a chance for hope and CHANGE! Stop hosting parties and get down to business.

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