Town Hall Meeting ONAP- November 16, 2009


My name is Sinatra Perryman and today I stand before you for those that have no voice, or are afraid of what is to come behind using their voice.

Many of us in this room know what the major and underlining problem is and many fellow Americans don’t. We can look at the rising numbers and see that, what is in place today is just not working.

In order for any strategy or town hall meeting to truly be effective, we must first know “WHY ARE THE NUMBERS GROWING”.

Today we have Non-Profit organizations that are utilizing Government funds and implementing Effective Based Interventions and most of which are lost as-to how to reach the people.

Funds that are being used to support Effective Interventions and Structured Interventions in Mississippi are currently just being funded, after careful review of some of their progress reports.

No work geared toward STD/HIV prevention is a waste, but when you can’t reach the target population, that tells me that it’s ineffective.

On a National Level, it is my opinion that we go back and take a look at what works and what doesn’t and train competent people, compassionate people, and people willing to help their fellow man and woman understand that HIV/AIDS is real, it’s here and no matter who or what you are: you can be infected.

In Mississippi alone we not only face the rise in HIV/AIDS cases, but Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and the big one Syphilis.

Personally all I can recommend is that we stop funding organizations that are giving great presentations with statistical data, and create a system designed to put people first and salaries later.

Policies and procedures that are put in place for non-profits, for profits and many other companies willing to fight this growing problem need to be addressed. In this battle that we face, we need as many people that are willing to FIGHT.

Today I am in clear understanding that it doesn’t take a degree to know what we need it only TAKES “HIV”.

If we don’t focus more on understanding Youth and their behavior and the behavior of the target populations mainly at risk, each year more and more people will become sick or die.

It is my goal to make sure that"Miesha Rashaun Williams" the reasoning behind my standing before you today, is protected at all cost and as a voter of Barack Obama I will hold you and your staff personally responsible to see that we bring sex education to every school across America and that no man or woman fears the test of a lifetime.

As we all should know every 9 ½ minutes someone becomes infected with HIV/AIDs.

In closing, it would take two to three years to clearly outline how to address a problem that has plagued the African American community for what seems like a decade, but today we all must make a stand.

Mr. President I ask that you remain a man walking with the Quran upon you, and that you "Assist any person oppressed, whether Muslim or non-Muslim."


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