National Cry For HIV/AIDS Funding, In The United States of America- Not Haiti

I am proud to be a American, but lately this statement is becoming a lie. Today, after attending the conference call being held on the cry for (HIV/AIDS Medications for the Southern States). I finally realized, that people have lost their way. We live in the Richest Country, we have the most powerful weapon's or so we think, and we can do a National Cry for a country that was already dead (Haiti).

Why in the hell do the people in the United States of America have to suffer right at home.

The current HIV/AIDS, situation in Mississippi, wouldn't be this way if this state would just do it's fucking job. I am so tired of people asking me dumb ass questions, when going in the public agencies for services.

If your a dam college student at 34 years old, and need fucking food stamps to get medications, what is wrong with that picture?

If your a homeless man and you get food stamps, but you sell them to get you a bottle of wine, what is wrong with this picture?

These agencies are collecting data that is just all wrong, they asking the wrong questions, using the wrong people and quite frankly, need to hang up they funking hat.

Sinatra Perryman, will fight to make sure that Mississippi, step the game up when it comes to protecting it's residents from this killer (HIV/AIDS). We live in a world of abundance and this is got to stop. For the people that are fighting, and truly fighting, I SALUTE YOU!

However, for all of you lieing and getting this dam money and playing GOD as one of the conference call participants stated.

My name is Sinatra Perryman and I SERVE ONLY ONE GOD, AND THAT IS THE GOD THAT WE ALL SHOULD SERVE. I will have no other play with what little life I have left. Today, their is a new person that has emerged and if you fuck with me you will get burned. I will not tolerate people playing GOD, and for the legislators of Mississippi, I just formally introduced myself, and as for congress "Greetings", as-well.....

Mr. President. Hmmmm, I thought you were going to be the man, but it seems that your becoming one of them. However, I still support your efforts, but you need to understand that their is still Those Out There; That Will Never Serve The GOD We Serve. Open the Flood gates, and release some of what we as a nation of abundance need.

Oprah, I'm calling you out too...GIRL you are still black you need to remember your root's! Fight for what is right, because "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above..." James 1:17

Mississippi, I am here now to make sure that I will hold the Heritage, not in the sense of being one of the racist states in America, but that I live in the "Great State Of Mississippi". Craig Thompson stated to me when I first meet him that their was no Gucci, in HIV/AIDS! Thanks Craig, I needed that.

Yours Truly,

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