Republicans Attack on the United States of American

African Americans Take Notice-

The Republicans are only within a few days of being the majority within the House and their getting ready to repeal health reform.

American we are need of focusing on the future and House Republicans want to put big insurance companies back in charge of your health. The repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act will give the big insurance companies sole permission to deny your children coverage for pre-existing conditions. American think about your mother and fathers that right now can’t even afford to buy their prescriptions simply because they land in the “ Donut Hole”.

This is the way for the House Republicans to slow progress and start a partisan fight.

Open your minds to what the Affordable Care Act and outer reforms has. The (AHCA) didn’t pass because of the partisan or ideological agenda.

America organized and pulled together to make sure that all the years of fatten the big insurance company pockets had to stop. Today the Affordable Care Act is helping millions that had no insurance and needed to stop fraud and abuse by the big insurance companies.

This Reform Happened Because America is Tired of Being Robbed and Deceived by Republicans and their personal agenda’s for the poor and working class citizens. We are still in a recession and with the Republican party trying to keep it that way. The United States of American needs to continue to support the new President in his efforts to put the working class citizen in a situation that they can one day be a part of the majority.

America stand tall and demand that the big insurance companies and the House Republicans put you in new jobs and stop outsourcing and continue to support the Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA).

Standing by the President and his current administration is what we have a right to do and if we don’t, the ones that suffer at the hands of the House Republicans have no right to demand change when “President Barak Obama” is giving the American people just that.

Join the campaign to protect our progress:

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