HIV/AIDS, MEN SLEEPING with MEN protect yourself Today.

So many men sleeping with men are so easily lead by what they think they want. Never let someone steal your joy, protect yourself from HIV/AIDS it's killing millions every 9 1/2 seconds. Get The Facts... Every day in the rural south many of my friends are being to die from HIV/AIDS. Many of these men are coming from large area's preying on the young and dumb.

This is a simple problem that can be avoided if African American men and women will start to take the time to think about their lives. Sex will last for a few minutes, but HIV/AIDS is a quick way to die all because of SEX!
 If you haven't had a HIV/AIDS test please I beg of you to go and get tested. Ladies you are not excluded, many of you are sleeping with men that are living double life styles.

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