HIV/AIDS And African American's In Mississippi

Today I received my two day training course in STD/HIV Prevention certificate! During these two day's I have learn much about what the Mississippi State Department Of Health is doing to combat the problem on HIV/AIDS and other STD's that are affecting Black African American men and Women in Mississippi. The instructor Mr. Jerry Vardaman, was very knowledgeable and has been of great service to me since I have been on this new path. Ms. Juanita Davis the MSDH Co-chair also helped with the training and is also very knowledgeable on the subject. She is like the mother every child would love to have she's fun, energetic, witty and also smart.

The people that attended the training was very nice and really showed a genuine interest in what was been taught. Although, many were not from the target populations such as MSM, Hispanic, and PLWHA it was very interesting. Previously I had the pleasure of attending the Mississippi Community Planning Groups for HIV Prevention meeting on October 9, 2009. It really wasn't a true meeting because not even half of it's nominated members were there. This I was told by a source is nothing new.

I had a opportunity to sit face to face with the CBO's that were in attendance because the Request for Proposal that they were looking for wasn't posted accordingly. I care not to go in to details about the reasoning behind it not being posted, but the dingo was on the rabbits trail. It isn't my goal to cause any stress to anyone or ill-will for my abrupt questions and demeaning attitude, but I must do this for my people.

Today I live in a world of full awareness as to what is going on and what is going wrong. Funding for some of these programs should have never been if their methods only included what I have witnessed. I will not call names, but after viewing there progress reports and being asked to sit on the Community Planning Group by Ms. Juanita Davis Co-Chair I welcome the challenge.

Rural area's are not being served and people the numbers are climbing. We not only face the epidemic of HIV/AIDS, but in 2007 Mississippi was ranked Number 1 among 50 states in Chlamydia infections and Gonorrheal infections view stats here http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/resources/3404.pdf .

Viewing all this new information has made me change the overall focus of the situation that is at hand. Everyday I manage to trust my instincts and venture out into the world to find what is it that is making us Black African Americans toy with our lives so recklessly. My problem was not having parents that understood this killer and it's mass destruction capabilities, and thought to talk about sex was to tell me to go and have sex at a early age. Some may say that is a common problem and I would have to agree. Abstinence is what Mississippi policy is and it's killing us. Everyday I continue to see many 14-17 year old young ladies pregnant.

When this happens the parents want to scream" What Happen" and it's their fault. To understand something and a major problem one must take a look at themselves an acknowledge what is needed and what's not.


  • Abstinence works only if you refrain from unprotected sex.
  • Yes HIV/AIDS is a major problem among African American Men and Women
  • No you can't contract HIV/AIDS from direct contact with someone that is HIV positve
  • TB is not a STD "Thanks Juanita For Clarifying This"
Summing it all up. I have suffered a great deal over the course of two years, but after enduring it all; it has been totally worth it. I feel today that it is my calling to help so many people that are failing to understand that to combat a problem, the problem must first be acknowledge and that is my goal. I intend on serving the residents of Mississippi with the utmost respect and pave the way for a new Mississippi a less infested Mississippi one day at a time. I am no writer or speaker, but it's my goal to make sure that Mississippi continues to be the Great State that we call home.

I would also like to thank Mr Craig Thompson the director STD/HIV Bureau in Jackson, MS for taking the time out his busy schedule to speak with me on October 9, 2009. He was my first contact source for sparking this great interest. This guy is really down to earth and really understanding what is wrong, but can only do so much with such limited laws to help the residents of Mississippi. My source has told me that he's not what you think, but I am not quick to judge and it's not what anyone else thinks, it's what I think!

He has been very attentive to my many needs and I can't say thank you enough to the help he has giving and the respect he has shown. However, the day that his nonconforming side introduces itself to me I will most certainly relay it to you.


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